Australia’s largest private rail freight operator


SCT has a fleet of locomotives ensuring independence in rail operations, maintenance and reliability which in turn guarantee control of our performance capabilities.
We operate the most modern and technologically advanced locomotive fleet in freight transport, enabling SCT to run the most environmentally efficient locomotives operating in Australia today.
This new technology offers improved tractive effort. The steerable bogies result in less track wear and a substantial reduction in noise.
These powerful engines replace three locomotives with just two, whilst also increasing the total payload by 400 tonne per service.

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The Multi Freighter is a general purpose rail van designed and developed by SCT for the general freight market in Australia – the Multi Freighter features:

  • The best ride quality for rolling stock in Australia

  • Improved load restraint

  • Forklift drive in / drive out capability for efficient product handling

  • Low tare weight rail van

  • Increased cubic and tonnage capability

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The SCT Greater Freighter towers to a height of close to 6 metres, it has mezzanine flooring and is the most innovative rail concept to grace the general rail freight market for many years. The Greater Freighter is the largest cubic capacity rail van operating in Australia and has been designed to operate between Adelaide, Perth and central New South Wales.

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SCT operates rail flats for its intermodal and container activities.

  • Low tare weight skeletal units

  • Gated flexis to accommodate every freight type

  • The SCT Well Wagon is designed to optimise double stacking opportunities accommodating flexibility in container sizes.

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