• Bethany Dapiran

Wodonga one year in

What a year it’s been for SCT in Wodonga. Starting a new terminal presents many challenges.

“Our strategy was to deliver a seamless service to our customers. We adopted the ‘Paddling Duck’ approach,” said Wodonga Manager Allister Boyce, “calm on surface but paddling like hell under the water. It’s been a quick first year with plenty to report on. Our priority was to get on with the job of ensuring our customers were not caught up in the challenges of a greenfield site. Opening a new rail terminal and offering new rail services to a previously road-dominated market, has changed the landscape in the area somewhat. “We are now consistently sending in excess of 2000 tonne of freight per week split between North/ South freight to Queensland and East/West to South and Western Australia. This now equates to 50+ rail wagons (80 B-Doubles) a week or 1200mtrs of train over eight services per week. Prior to the terminal commencing, these volumes were predominantly travelling by road on the Hume Hwy.

To convert this freight on to rail is a great achievement and something SCT is proud of. None of this could have happened without the efforts and dedication of our employees and the support of the Wodonga Council, State and Federal Governments and more importantly, our customers.

“An amazing first year, with many more to come.”

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